Security is everyone’s concern, but here at Diligent Security it is our business.

About Us

Our mission is to show the significance of security for your property, your neighborhood, and your home. We will continue to serve our valued clients by ensuring the safety and security of their people, property and information.

Diligent Security Services (DSS) has over 15 years of experience in the security industry. Serving clients since 2017, DSS takes pride in putting our clients and employees first, and we feel this is the reason for our success. DSS has a long history of delivering superior services for events and venues, warehouse and housing complexes. Security is everyone’s concern but here at Diligent it is our business.


DSS offers a wide variety of benefits for their employees such as meals, transportation to and from each event, discount on gym memberships, and a competitive hourly rate. While working for DSS you will undergo continuous training to ensure that you understand and comprehend the orders given.

Message from the Founder

“Here at Diligent our endeavors are to live up to our name. We are attentive and persistent in all of our efforts. Our ambition is to provide unparalleled service for our clients as well as our employees. Our integrity is what sets us apart, and going above the call is what makes us who we are.”

Garran Smith

Founder, Diligent Security Services


Special Events



Diligent Security will secure your people, your property and your assets by understanding and reducing security risk.

Providing services for several locations, Diligent Security is developing in one of the forerunners of the Security Industry in the Inland Empire. Employing more than 100 employees, Diligent Security thrives to do their part in the community.


The teamwork of Diligent Security Services has been a valued part of the success of Critical Mind Inc. We are assured that Diligent Security Services professionalism, dedication to excellence and above and beyond efforts will remain for Critical Mind Inc. We look forward with anticipation in continuing our partnership with Diligent Security Services.

Spencer Vodnoy

Co-Founder & CEO, Critical Mind Inc.

I would like to express my appreciation to Diligent Security Services and their staff for the exceptional work they have provided here. Their guards have showed phenomenal care and attention to our elderly tenants’ safety. Diligent Security guards has received very high remarks from our tenants regarding the service they provide. We look forward to many years of service from Diligent Security Service.

Diane Hall

Property Manager, Sonrise Senior Villas Apartments

I have worked my way from event security to armed guard to now security supervisor. I work with the owner hand in hand on a daily basis. The owner makes coming to work joyful. Diligent Security always puts their employees before themselves.

Damian Lasheras

Security Supervisor, DSS Employee

Working at Diligent Security has completely changed my lifestyle. Their pay for an armed guard is above average and competitive. Diligent is by far the best employer that I have had in the 15 years as a guard.

Al Whitehead

Armed Guard, DSS Employee

Diligent Security gave me my first opportunity as a security guard with events. I currently work a full time post. Diligent Security gave me the opportunity to be able to provide for my family in a way I did not have before. Thank you Diligent.

Bernick Shores

Security Guard, DSS Employee

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